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Join our exclusive HAIRpreneur community that will support you with setting up, launching and growing the hair extension business of your dreams.  

Why ME?

  • We have helped launch hundreds of hair extension businesses over the years

  • 4 of them are 6-figure businesses

  • 42 of them are 4-figure/a month businesses

Hello Boss! 



Are you starting your business but very frustrated about the process? I know how that feels...


When I first started my hair extension business it was a complete DISASTER; I spent thousands of dollars on 'good" vendors, I worked with all the wrong packaging and branding designers, my hair was priced WAY too low and my social media was non-existent. I mean I tried everything to only get a few sales a month!

I got so frustrated I knew I needed a fresh re-start - but this time applying a strategic plan (most don't think of) and went on to build  6-figure business. 


I created the this community to help support NEW and STRUGGLING hairpreneurs with their business and help share these mistakes I made s you can avoid them.


I want to inspire and motivate you to stay the course and do everything possible to grow your business because there is room for you in this industry too!


I look forward to working with you! 

Tamara Garrison-Thomas, owner


 [$3,997 Value]

  • 5 hair vendors including us where you can get wholesale pricing of our premium hair extensions starting at $30, no minimum order, including mink lashes and satin bags! 

  • Drop shipping  for Mane Boss+ Plus members

  • Ongoing coaching Sessions - Meet with Tamara twice a month with our community for accountability,business training and Q&A. 

  • Member-only discounts on upcoming webinars and products

  • Access to our 12 modules to help you start and launch your hair extension business

Module #1: Before you start, what you should know

Module #2: Registering Your Business & Brand Setup

Module #3: Getting Started Part 1: Business Planning

Module #4: Finding a trustworthy vendor (Includes 4 vendors

and we will drop ship for you!)

Module #5: Knowing Your Numbers and Pricing Your Hair

Module #6: Getting Started Part 2

Module #7: How to Setup a Photo shoot

Module #8: Online Marketing Strategies 

Module #9: Offline Marketing Strategies

Module #10: Business Systems

Module #11: Key Business Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Module #12: How to Launch


GROW FASTER [$1,097 Value]

You need more than just information; you need a community and more importantly to get your questions answered. You will have questions and face some challenges along the way. When you do, we will go through them together!

  • Graphic designer suggestions

  • Packaging suggestions

  • Website designer suggestions

  • Private Facebook Community


GROW FURTHER [$1,097 Value]

  • Graphic Designer and Packaging Vendors Directory

  • Business Plan for the HAIRpreneur

  • Hair Extension Price Guide

  • Hair Business Checklist

  • Brand Ambassador Contract

  • Monthly/Weekly Sales Tracker

  • Email Marketing Templates 

  • Digital Flyers You Can Use

  • Additional Masterclasses

Hear what people have to say about the Hair Boss Boardroom

S. Johnson

I have been stuck on where to start for a long time now. Once I became a Mane Boss the steps and support from the team helped me so much. I will be launching soon and so excited to pursue something I have been dreaming about for awhile now. 

Kari H.

...have already made my first $1000! I couldn't have dont it without you and all of the help from Team ME...

J. Knox

"I appreciate how you help your Mane Bosses Tamara, it means a alot" 

D. Williams

"​I am very confident about joining Mane Elementz as a Mane Boss. I am 27 years old a mother of two, with a man that being said, I know I can be stretched out pretty thin. I have a full time day job, but I am also a licensed cosmetologist trying to find her way, beauty is my passion. Helping people look there best makes me feel my best! I do appreciate the fact that this company takes the time to reach out to their affiliates, that makes me feel like a I made the best choice. I am taking this slow, but I am very happy about my decision." 

Vixen Hair Couture

"Shockingly I would have to sat the social media portion. I am NOT a fan of social media and when you spoke about getting over that fear I felt like you were talking to me. It actually made me chuckle. Having to sit down and writ out a plan of action on what to post for the month ahead was SO helpful and something I plan to keep doing moving forward. Doing that made approaching social media much easier for me. It also helped me to look at social media as a powerful and mostly free marketing tool instead of as something silly people use to pass the time" 

Mane Extensions Plus

"As someone who is just entering the business, I liked how you explained the terminology, suggestions given on setting up your business and all the helpful information for getting a website, choosing a wholesale buyer and how you can use social media to help grow your business." 

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Why ME?

  • We have helped launch hundreds of hair extension businesses over the years

  • 4 of them are 6-figure businesses

  • 42 of them are 4-figure/a month businesses


How much does it cost?



 (That's $0.9 cents a day!) 

If you know this is the step you need to take to start your business and see your business grow, then what are you waiting for?


If you're waiting for just the right time, it's now. Stop pressing the snooze button on your dreams and start today.


 Join the rest of the Mane Bosses and enroll now!

How the Hair Boss Boardroom is different 

We pride ourselves in being the ORIGINAL resource for hairpreneurs. We service ​companies of integrity who want to offer a high-end, luxury product and want high standard training to be the best in the industry! 

We do not take a percentage of your profit we help you maximize the most out of what you can make in this industry. 

There is no obligation to use our name or branded materials on your products. Setup your business, your way.


When do classes start? 

Start anytime and work at your pace. Each module has a video and course assignments

What if I don't live in the US?

No problem! You can access the modules from anywhere in the world at anytime! 

What can I expect to have at the end of the class?

Nothing is guaranteed but if you take every class and do the assignments you will have a business, logo, website, launch plan and execution plan. 

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