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I am a current Mane Boss. Will the prices change for ME?

No, the prices stay the same for you. You will get automatic access to the Academy


Will I still be able to buy hair at wholesale? 

Yes you can. ME Hair and wholesale prices will still be available for people looking for a great vendor

Can I still get a website designed by ME?

Yes you can. You will get access to our website designer suggestions and ME website options starting at $5.95/mo. 

Can I still get my business setup and drop ship through the Mane Boss plan? 

Yes you can. The Mane Boss plan is still available> HERE

What if I'm not interested in any classes/coaching at all and I just want to sell the hair?

We would suggest you join us over at

Do I have to use ME as a vendor? 

No, we are an option and you will get access to 4 more to choose from in class. 

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